"T" Marriages By Bride

Laura Tallery Feb 21, 1884 William Bryan C. W. Barnum
Ann Tanner Feb 8, 1866 Samuel Frazell C. W. Barnum
Mary Tate Sep 28, 1881 Aleck Collet C. W. Barnum
Betty J. Tatum Oct 8, 1866 Stephen H. Thurman C. W. Barnum
Chalscie M. Tatum Jan 21, 1877 John F. Acuff C. W. Barnum
Mary A. Tatum Nov 5, 1882 John F. Acuff C. W. Barnum
Nancy Tatum Feb 15, 1874 J. T. Scruggs C. W. Barnum
Nancy L. Tatum Nov 12, 1871 Isaac C. Lewis C. W. Barnum
Narcissus Tatum Feb 4, 1877 Jesse G. Bucket C. W. Barnum
Sarah L. Tatum Mar 14, 1881 Calvin Gattin C. W. Barnum
Sarah P. Tatum Nov 26, 1868 Sol. J. Hole C. W. Barnum
Annie M. Taylor May 2, 1883 Robert B. Peeples C. W. Barnum
Kitty Taylor Jul 2, 1875 John Bun C. W. Barnum
Nep Taylor Dec 24, 1879 William Doyal C. W. Barnum
Alice Thomas Mar 16, 1881 Ned Gibson C. W. Barnum
Amanda Thomas Feb 4, 1872 Benjamin E. Parker C. W. Barnum
Emma Thomas Jan 28, 1877 Button Roland C. W. Barnum
Liza Jane Thomas Aug 26, 1881 S. A. H. Myrick C. W. Barnum
Martha C. Thomas Nov 1, 1874 James M. Skinner C. W. Barnum
Loucinda Thomassan Jan 1, 1875 Charles Sutton C. W. Barnum
Eliza Thomasson Jan 31, 1874 Green Anderson C. W. Barnum
Bettie Thompson Sep 3, 1887 James Morgan C. W. Barnum
Caroline Thompson Nov 24, 1878 George M. Irvin C. W. Barnum
Mary A. Thompson Dec 6, 1877 Alfred Irwin C. W. Barnum
Ida Thornhill Jul 13, 1884 William Crow C. W. Barnum
Mary C. Tidwell Apr 25, 1866 James L. Whitesides C. W. Barnum
Ellen Tiner Oct 3, 1873 William Bates C. W. Barnum
Frances A. Tinker Jan 5, 1886 David Holland C. W. Barnum
Germima E. Tinker Oct 16, 1873 Josiah Lusk C. W. Barnum
Lila Jane Tinker Feb 16, 1882 M. J. Quintan C. W. Barnum
Margaret Tinker Jan 21, 1875 William Haney C. W. Barnum
Melvina Tinker May 20, 1875 John Wooten C. W. Barnum
Parizada Tinker Oct 26, 1865 George Gop C. W. Barnum
S. C. Tinker Jun 27, 1868 Joseph Gass C. W. Barnum
Sarah Tinker Dec 30, 1876 James Wooten C. W. Barnum
Virginia A. Tinker Aug 21, 1879 Charles W. Millican C. W. Barnum
Bettie Tittle Dec 18, 1878 Jonathan E. Patterson C. W. Barnum
Catherine Tittle Jan 29, 1885 James Womick C. W. Barnum
Charlotter Tittle Mar 4, 1872 Tull Hooke C. W. Barnum
Cynthia Tittle Jan 19, 1879 C. L. Magill C. W. Barnum
Emma Tittle Jun 3, 1883 Lee Jones C. W. Barnum
Fannie Tittle Mar 17, 1874 G. J. Chambers C. W. Barnum
Jane C. Tittle Dec 25, 1873 William G. Carroll C. W. Barnum
Laura A. Tittle Aug 30, 1885 William J. McCauley C. W. Barnum
Lucy Tittle Dec 31, 1886 Floyd B. Brogdon C. W. Barnum
Martha Tittle Aug 29, 1866 Watson C. Millerd C. W. Barnum
Nannie Tittle Aug 6, 1877 I. A. Hedly C. W. Barnum
Sallie W. Tittle Dec 26, 1886 Nathan W. Cole C. W. Barnum
E. C. Torbett Feb 13, 1887 George W. Killian C. W. Barnum
Josephine Torbett May 28, 1884 W. J. Killian C. W. Barnum
Fannie Towers Jan 30, 1876 Smart Force C. W. Barnum
Emma A. Townsend Oct 30, 1876 William J. Cagle C. W. Barnum
Louticia Tucker Nov 24, 1879 George Harris C. W. Barnum

"T" Marriages By Groom

Clayton Tatum Jan 22, 1873 Lucy McBryer C. W. Barnum
Elisha Tatum Aug 31, 1879 Mary P. Slaton C. W. Barnum
James A. Tatum Mar 18, 1883 Lou Small C. W. Barnum
Peter H. Tatum Dec 15, 1870 Sarah L. Hays C. W. Barnum
Samuel Tatum Dec 5, 1878 Annie Reed C. W. Barnum
William Tatum Dec 10, 1884 Mary Moozer C. W. Barnum
Henry Taylor Dec 27, 1885 Ella Jackson C. W. Barnum
Allen Terrell Sep 21, 1887 Sarah Alexander C. W. Barnum
James Terry Jul 18, 1875 D. E. Morgan C. W. Barnum
James Thacker Sep 8, 1872 Sarah Burtsell C. W. Barnum
James M. Thomapen Jan 16, 1867 Mattie K. Brock C. W. Barnum
A. A. Thomas Aug 8, 1872 Cornelia Brown C. W. Barnum
Tilman Thomas Apr 21, 1875 Melvina Piburn C. W. Barnum
Dick Thomasson Aug 7, 1870 Elisa Lewis C. W. Barnum
Daniel Thompson Feb 19, 1876 Emeline Henegar C. W. Barnum
M. A. Thompson Sep 13, 1885 Jane Brown C. W. Barnum
Hardee Thrailkill Feb 14, 1886 Oma Swafford C. W. Barnum
Stephen H. Thurman Oct 8, 1866 Betty J. Tatum C. W. Barnum
J. R. Tinker Apr 8, 1883 Betty Castleberry C. W. Barnum
James B. Tittle Mar 3, 1887 Emma E. McCauley C. W. Barnum
Prichard Tittle Oct 8, 1880 H. M. Morgan C. W. Barnum
Richard Tittle Jan 2, 1874 Nancy J. Case C. W. Barnum
Taver Tittle Aug 3, 1878 Belle Luelling C. W. Barnum
Thomas Tittle Sep 19, 1877 Sallie Sutton C. W. Barnum
Washington Tittle Dec 27, 1872 Louisa J. Hole C. W. Barnum
Moses Tolbert Nov 29, 1876 Julia Goree C. W. Barnum
Samuel M. Torbette Jan 16, 1884 Jane Kendrick C. W. Barnum
Francis M. Townsend May 19, 1872 Julia A. Hale C. W. Barnum
William Tramel Jun 16, 1881 Nancy Bookout C. W. Barnum
F. B. Trotter Jun 5, 1881 Kizzia Cobb C. W. Barnum
Henry Tucker Aug 8, 1886 Sarah Bradford C. W. Barnum

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