"E" Marriages By Bride

Mary Earp Jan 9, 1868 William Castillen C. W. Barnum
Viola Earp Sep 1, 1887 Frank Hollomon C. W. Barnum
Lillie East Feb 22, 1887 G. W. Powers C. W. Barnum
Minnie East Aug 24, 1885 W. H. Pond C. W. Barnum
Jane Eaves Jun 27, 1883 Joseph Wade C. W. Barnum
Mary A. Eckels Dec 4, 1875 Charles A. Roberts C. W. Barnum
Maggie R. Eckols Jul 6, 1876 William A. Moore C. W. Barnum
Louiza Edmondson Aug 31, 1876 James R. Edings C. W. Barnum
Sallie Edwards Aug 19, 1886 R. Mayes C. W. Barnum
Sarah J. Eller Sep 26, 1875 William Ford C. W. Barnum
Rosa Elliot Nov 13, 1887 William Pilgrim C. W. Barnum
F. A. Ellison Oct 28, 1875 Ira H. Prince C. W. Barnum
Emily Ervin Sep 20, 1872 Elisha J. Clark C. W. Barnum
Caroline Estes Dec 23, 1875 Franklin Bedow C. W. Barnum
Cordie Estes Jun 28, 1881 W. T. Chaffer C. W. Barnum
Molly E. Estes Nov 9, 1885 Roland Faisan C. W. Barnum
Cynthia E. Evans Oct 2, 1887 Joseph Addington C. W. Barnum
Emaline Evans Oct 11, 1883 Tolaver Powers C. W. Barnum
Florence Evans Dec 11, 1887 James McKhann C. W. Barnum
Mary Evans Jan 25, 1885 Robert McCoy C. W. Barnum

"E" Marriages By Groom

George Echols Mar 30, 1884 Martha Sunderlin C. W. Barnum
Theodore Eckols Jul 27, 1879 Mary Jane Davis C. W. Barnum
Marvin Edge Jan 12, 1881 Minnie Lozenly C. W. Barnum
James R. Edings Aug 31, 1876 Louiza Edmondson C. W. Barnum
William W. Edmundson Apr 18, 1875 Exir E. Raines C. W. Barnum
Daniel E. Ellis Mar 8, 1877 Juda Ann Powell C. W. Barnum
John W. Ellis Apr 9, 1874 S. C. Hauton C. W. Barnum
B. F. Ellison Feb 4, 1881 Mary L. Smith C. W. Barnum
William Elrod Mar 3, 1879 Amanda J. Curry C. W. Barnum
Fred Estes Apr 30, 1885 Eliza Nelson C. W. Barnum
George Evans May 26, 1883 Neely Dright C. W. Barnum
J. W. Evans Jul 19, 1883 Sophia Davis C. W. Barnum
George Everett Feb 12, 1875 Sophia Weekly C. W. Barnum

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